My name is Rae (and nope, it's not short for not Raelene, Rachel or Raewyn) My crazy partner Dave calls me chick pea (which also happens to be the name of our little yellow boat!) My friends call me Rae Rae.

Home to me is the beautiful coastal town of Dunsborough in Australia's South West. My soft spot for the rugged cliffs, open spaces and rolling waves encouraged me to make the move from Perth over 5 years ago. It is the best thing I have ever done.

The slower pace, the close-nit community and the call of the ocean are what keeps me here. (The local wine and the epic coffee is an added bonus!) For these reasons, I only book a certain number of weddings each season to ensure that my time is balanced between doing all of these things I love, escaping the winter in Dunsborough and keeping the love for my job at an ultimate high!! 

I am a seeker, a wave dancing, Earth loving, star gazing, people loving world traveller and I love to document weddings. 

The real, candid and in-between moments of your day are the absolute best. The ones that you'll look back on in 20 years and absolutely cherish because they evoke your memories with real emotion. (Not just the pretty pictures of the cake, the shoes, the decorations because let's face it, trends do change but your love for your friends and family never will.)

I want to tell your unique love story because no two are the same.

I don't think weddings have to follow tradition. My favourite weddings are  the ones where you break all of the rules  and create a wedding day which reflects the truth of who you are as a couple. Be a rebel.

I'm still amazed that awesome people like yourself invite me into their world to share in the most intimate and special moments of their life aaaaand I get to bust a move on your dance floor if you'll let me.


My feet are constantly itchy and being able to fuse my love of travel together with photography makes me the luckiest girl on the planet so I'll definitely throw in some epic little incentive to help make it much more affordable for you. Please email me at rae@raemarie.com.au with your ideas or plans and let's make this happen.