The United States of America | 35mm Film

So here are some more moments and places that I captured on my 35mm film camera during my America travels this year. Long roads, mountains, cacti and big skies could pretty much sum up this roll of film. So inspiring travelling with other photographers and passionate creatives. I definitely owe my resurgence of creative inspiration to this trip and the legends I travelled with. Coming back to work and home, it's still sometimes a struggle to maintain the passion and froth that I found, but looking at these and remembering what I felt capturing and documenting is a good reminder of what makes me happy and to never lose it. Xx  Thanks for checking it out! 

San Diego on 35mm // Roll 1 Fuji Superia 400

So my good mate & fellow photographer John aka @johnnyjungle and I have started a film project together to re-inspire our photography froth and it's working big time. It seems this whole trip has been about firing up my passion for what I do.. considering the majority of travel buddies I'm spending time with are photographers. I have the film bug bad & me and my little Pentax K1000 are getting a long like a house on fire.. ๐Ÿก๐Ÿ”ฅEspecially frothing getting our first roll developed today!! Keep in mind we both learned this craft years ago on film cameras and I spent the first two years of TAFE developing my own negatives and photos. It is such a blast relearning and going back to the roots of what I love so much and have been doing for 16 years. ๐ŸŽž๐Ÿ“ทโ˜„ Shooting film makes you really really think about each shot. There is no messing up taking a few test shots then looking at the back of your camera to make sure you've exposed properly. It's all about relying on my knowledge of metering & DOF and really making me think about composition before snapping a few shots then maybe fixing it. Frothhhhh and joy and a fire back in my belly.

Intimacy | Dunsborough Portrait Photographer

INTIMACY // This is my partner Dave.. He's such a little rascal and pretty outgoing but he's worn glasses since he was 12 months old & has a lazy eye. It's definitely one of his insecurities.. He hates having his glasses off and I know he feels really exposed and uncomfortable without them, so when I asked him to do this shoot for me I knew it would definitely fit the brief "Intimacy" because of the trust in me that he had. The photos away from the ocean were harder for Dave because he's a huge water baby and that's the only place he ever takes his glasses off to surf and to dive. Needless to say I'm very proud of him.. and I hope this helps him to see himself as the gorgeous beautiful man that he is. Xx