Kisses in the rain | Australian Photographer ~ Morgan & Aaron

I'm fairly certain that Morgan & Aaron thought I was more than slightly crazy when I met up with the both of them in the pouring rain at Smith's beach wearing my fluro yellow rain jacket. Down the beach we marched and the worse the rain got and the quicker we fled back to our vehicles. I've made a pact that I will not cancel a shoot for weather unless absolutely necessary and I'm so happy I didn't. I'm totally digging the windy cuddly rainy snuggles I managed to capture between the two of these love birds. I hope you enjoy them too.. Xx

Karla & Luke | Margaret River Engagement Photographer

These two!! What a couple of legends. Looking forward to heading down to Pemby for a wedding adventure later this year! We lucked out and scored an incredible winters afternoon in between storm clouds a couple of weeks ago on a beautiful Margaret River beach. Doesn't get much better really.. Xx

Claire & Sebastien | In Love

Sometimes it's not until I begin putting my favourites together from a session that I realise how special it was. Looking at the photos, you would have no idea how cheeky Seb was but oh my god he can make Claire laugh (and also make her want to punch him at the same time..) Such a funny funny funny couple of hours with these two creating some magic at the iconic Sugar Loaf Rock in Dunsborough. ME: "Seb.. think of something nice to whisper into Claire's ear.." Claire then cracks up laughing so I assumed it was maybe something a bit naughty.. no. CLAIRE: "No! He just said hello ear how are you?.." Best. Call. Ever. Thanks for the laughs, I can only imagine what your wedding day portrait adventure is going to be like.. help!! haha