maternity portraits

Jess & Cam | Dunsborough Maternity Portraits

It's a very special thing knowing that two awesome human beings are about to bring baby into the world. One, you know that this child is going to have an incredible life, but two, you know that a child being brought up by such special people is going to make this planet a much much better place. Que Jess & Cam. Two kind, healthy, active, environmentally aware people with so much love to give. I'm so excited for them and for my partner Dave who's basically about to become an uncle. We had the most amazing afternoon in Yallingup for their shoot last week..Here's my favourites! (2 weeks to go... roughly.) Lots of love, Rae Xx

Anne | Dunsborough Portrait Photographer ~ Surf & Chocolate

I spent all day today finishing off Anne's gallery yesterday when I received a *ding ding* text message introducing her little baby boy Curtis into the world. Mum, Dad & Bub are all doing fantastically. Congratulations to one of the newest families in the world!! Curtis has got an incredible life ahead of him living in one of the most amazing places in the world with these guys as parents.
 xxx Rae

Oh and this is Anne less than 4 weeks ago!! Shredding just 3.5 weeks before her bubba was born. No doubt Curtis will be an amazing waterman with as much respect for our ocean as his parents. xx Photo: Anne's fiancé Luke (I think)

Hayley | Dunsborough Maternity Photography ~ Mother Goddess

What a beautiful soul to photograph. It was such a pleasure spending an afternoon photographing this extraordinary woman, and so easy with the help of her support/styling friend Ashleigh!! Hayley (aka hot mamma) decided to celebrate her last pregnancy by having a maternity portrait session with me and I'm so glad she did! Although there was a minor hiccup at the end with a freak wave breaking over the rocks and almost drowning all of us (including my camera gear.. ouch) but we'll let that one slide and continue to see the funny side!! Scroll to the bottom to see the last frame before we all nearly drowned and then the post drenching selfie..
Loads of love,
Rae xx

And if you'd like to watch a slide show... Click the photo below to see one at a time xx

Oh so peaceful.. 3.. 2....1..

Me, Hayley & Ashleigh seeing the funny side... kinda... ;)