south west portraits

Jess & Cam | Dunsborough Maternity Portraits

It's a very special thing knowing that two awesome human beings are about to bring baby into the world. One, you know that this child is going to have an incredible life, but two, you know that a child being brought up by such special people is going to make this planet a much much better place. Que Jess & Cam. Two kind, healthy, active, environmentally aware people with so much love to give. I'm so excited for them and for my partner Dave who's basically about to become an uncle. We had the most amazing afternoon in Yallingup for their shoot last week..Here's my favourites! (2 weeks to go... roughly.) Lots of love, Rae Xx


Nothing helps me to appreciate the place where I live more than seeing it again through the eyes of people who have never been here before! Denise and Michael & there gorgeous children visited our beautiful South West region a couple of weeks ago all the way from Singapore (Texas & Denmark) and as you can see, I think they had a good time! :) xx