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Intimacy | Dunsborough Portrait Photographer

INTIMACY // This is my partner Dave.. He's such a little rascal and pretty outgoing but he's worn glasses since he was 12 months old & has a lazy eye. It's definitely one of his insecurities.. He hates having his glasses off and I know he feels really exposed and uncomfortable without them, so when I asked him to do this shoot for me I knew it would definitely fit the brief "Intimacy" because of the trust in me that he had. The photos away from the ocean were harder for Dave because he's a huge water baby and that's the only place he ever takes his glasses off to surf and to dive. Needless to say I'm very proud of him.. and I hope this helps him to see himself as the gorgeous beautiful man that he is. Xx


Nothing helps me to appreciate the place where I live more than seeing it again through the eyes of people who have never been here before! Denise and Michael & there gorgeous children visited our beautiful South West region a couple of weeks ago all the way from Singapore (Texas & Denmark) and as you can see, I think they had a good time! :) xx

Loz & Azza | In Love

I loved my afternoon adventure with these two! Such awesome, funny humans that I've known for a little while now. They're getting married in a month so it was time to hang out, have a cider and take some engagement photos, walk through forests, climb over rocks and snuggle in the long grass. (They were snuggling, I was stalking..)

Note to self: Never question a geologist's ability to climb rocks. xx