Nothing helps me to appreciate the place where I live more than seeing it again through the eyes of people who have never been here before! Denise and Michael & there gorgeous children visited our beautiful South West region a couple of weeks ago all the way from Singapore (Texas & Denmark) and as you can see, I think they had a good time! :) xx

Loz & Azza | In Love

I loved my afternoon adventure with these two! Such awesome, funny humans that I've known for a little while now. They're getting married in a month so it was time to hang out, have a cider and take some engagement photos, walk through forests, climb over rocks and snuggle in the long grass. (They were snuggling, I was stalking..)

Note to self: Never question a geologist's ability to climb rocks. xx

Sarah & Brendan in love.

It had been a long time coming, and just a couple of days before their wedding but we finally managed to all get together and take some engagement photos! I'm so glad that I mostly insist on shooting a Beloved session before the wedding day. It makes people just that little bit more comfortable about having their photo taken on their special day, takes that little niggling thought out of the equation that it's going to be awkward or uncomfortable! I can then convince them of how amazing they look and heaps more fun is had on the wedding day. Thanks for making the effort to drive to Dunsborough from York for this shoot you two!! I love these pix! xxx Rae