Trent & Lauren

This is the hardest and most beautiful wedding I have ever had to edit.. There are no words that can fully express the intense sadness and loss of somebody who is taken from us way too soon. Let alone somebody who represented the full expression of life itself the way I think that Trent did, so full of it. Sadly, the world lost Trent Walker on Saturday the 6th of May. I am so proud that I get to say that Trent was one of my mates after meeting on a surf trip to the Mentawai islands over 6 years ago and I am so grateful, and feel so incredibly privileged that I was invited to capture his marriage to Lauren, the love of his life. Being a wedding photographer we are gifted a rare glimpse into the heart of a relationship for the entirety of a very intimate and special day. The shiny eyes when they saw each other on the day from each end of the aisle, the constant touch, the biggest smiles and the kind of kisses and cuddles not usually seen by family and friends. I could really see, that these two were marrying their soulmate. For a long lead up to their wedding Lauren had to keep reminding Trent to contact me so that he could ask me to be their wedding photographer. As his luck would have it, instead of this phone call, we randomly bumped into each other at a brewery down in the South West that perfectly brought together an unexpected catchup beer and also him coincidentally (finally) doing as Lauren had been asking for months. This cracked me up and I'm so glad it happened this way. Trent was a frother and he had this impressive ability to make every person he knew feel as though they were his best mate, he gave everyone his undivided attention and unlimited time and respect. That is a quality that not many people have and it was completely reflected in the quality AND quantity of good, loving friends that were invited to bare witness to their wedding ceremony less than 2 months ago. The ceremony, the speeches and all of the cuddles and moments in between with their friends and family were so full of love and pure happiness, and what a freak'n party! I think I was one of the last standing with a handful of friends I'd made that night. True Trent style. Trent, the light that you shone was second to none and I am going to miss you, the world is a lot less wonderful without you in it. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved you. Lauren has given me permission and it is my honour to share these images with you.  Xx Rae

Venue: Wharncliffe Mill Dress: Made with Love |Florist: The Flower Girl, Perth | Hair dresser: Oscar and Ivy Hair co | Celebrant: Jemilah wright | Cake: Sweet stylin | DJ Swami Adima | Makeup Artist: Beautique love | Furniture & Lighting: Yallingup event hire | Catering: Eat No Evil | 2nd Photographer: Ben Jasinski